Model Training Data Services

The novel AI-aided drug discovery strategies have aroused great attention in clinical settings. To meet the challenging requirements, Creative Biolabs has combined experienced scientists with advanced facilities to provide the best strategy and customized protocols for model training data service, and ultimately, to accelerate novel candidate drug discovery. We have delivered numerous validated drug targets in different therapeutic areas based on our AI-augmented Drug Discovery Platform.

Introduction to Training Data for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are essential to discover novel drugs and their applications cover every stage of drug discovery, such as target identification, biomarker screening, as well as data analysis in pre-clinical or clinical studies. Previous studies have suggested that AI-based approaches need a large number of training data to predict the test data at hand. In this condition, machine learning (ML) models have been widely used for collecting digital pathology data to help data-driven decision making in the drug discovery process. Meanwhile, many attempts have been made to develop novel ML algorithms, including deep learning (DL) and neural network tools, for generating enough high-dimensional data in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, many organizations and companies have provided services to build data libraries to support drug research.

The AI-based Training Data Services. Fig.1 The AI-based Training Data Services.

AI-based Training Data Services

To facilitate AI technology, a number of new computer hardware and ML algorithms have been established to promote the process and reduce the costs of drug discovery. Creative Biolabs now offers a series of model training services based on the massive amount of high-quality data collected by ML algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) methods.

In general, we can help our clients collect training data from different areas. The data will be gathered and checked according to the specific requirement and all data will be loaded into AI models to guide your drug discovery projects. For instance, these training data have been updated into AI models to predict the biological properties of lead compounds, to probe the synthesis strategies of novel candidate molecules.

The Protocol for Model Training Data Services

  • Understand the data requirements
  • Data collecting, quality check
  • Data testing in AI models
  • Data applications in drug development

AI applications in the drug discovery pipeline and their required data characteristics. Fig.2 AI applications in the drug discovery pipeline and their required data characteristics. (Vamathevan, 2019)

With years of operational experience, Creative Biolabs is able to provide state-of-the-art services for any drug discovery project with AI technologies. Our scientists specialized in model training of ML or AI will work with you to develop a most appropriate strategy that will offer the most meaningful data for your research, please feel free to contact us for closer communication. Separate services or integrated end-to-end solutions are all welcomed.


  1. Vamathevan, J.; et al. Applications of machine learning in drug discovery and development. Nat Rev Drug Discov. 2019, 18(6): 463-477.
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