AI-augmented Antibody Discovery

Creative Biolabs is a global company that focuses on antibody development. With extensive experience and advanced platforms, we can provide a series of AI-augmented antibody discovery services for research, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Now we offer a unique way to find rare antibody clusters by augmenting our screening services with an AI-powered antibody drug discovery platform.

Advantages of AI-powered Antibody Discovery

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have also been widely used in antibody design based on big data and machine learning. In addition, the biophysical features of candidate antibodies, such as stability, solubility, chemical properties can be evaluated and optimized by different types of AI models to reduce the cost and improve the therapeutic efficiency.

  • AI can typically generate 10 times more antibody sequence clusters than a laboratory-based approach alone.
  • Antibody diversity expanded by AI leads to the discovery of new binding modalities and potentially new therapeutic modes-of-action.

One-stop AI Antibody Discovery

Creative Biolabs combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, big data, and phage display techniques to discover rare antibodies and expand antibody diversity. At Creative Biolabs, the growing number of biophysical data for various antibody targets has been integrated into the machine learning (ML) algorithms to predict antibodies that bind to a given antigen target with high affinity. The submitted antibody sequences maximize the antibodies’ therapeutic potential while minimizing safety and manufacturing risks. AI technology can also evaluate and optimize the safety, binding affinity, solution viscosity, solubility, as well as pharmacokinetics of specific antibodies.

Antibody Production by Phage Display

  • High throughput, screen large numbers of clones
  • Large library capacity:from 107 to over 108
  • Various phage display systems (M13,λ,T7)
  • Tailored biopanning strategies
  • Wide range of applications

Augmented Antibody Discovery with Al

  • Discover and analyse new antibody clusters
  • Generate new sequences within existing clusters
  • Accelerate the generation of diverse, high-affinity antibodies
  • Rapidly generate novel antibody sequences using computational algorithms to help improve affinity, solubility, cross-reactivity, manufacturability, immunogenicity, specificity and stability.

A Case Study - An AI-augmented discovery project has increased the number of antibody clusters for HIV GP140 by 13-fold.

Antigen: biotinylated Avi-tagged BG505 gp140 trimer containing a redesigned HR1 bend

Data generation: Ion Torrent PGM sequencing; NGS of homo sapien: diverse antibody phage library 


  • Cleaning and filtering the data for analysis
  • Identifying unique sequences (1,823) and total counts (43,172)
  • Clustering based on sequence similarity and enrichment factors
  • Comparison of a traditional screen by random sampling of 100 clones vs. NGS of the final pan + clustering showed 2-fold increase in diversity
  • Comparison of a traditional screen vs. NGS of multiple rounds + clustering showed 13-fold increase in diversity

AI-augmented Antibody Discovery2

Creative Biolabs is recognized as the world leader for providing the most diverse portfolio of AI-augmented drug discovery solutions for worldwide customers. We are proud to partner with our clients on the journey of bringing novel antibody candidates to market. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us for closer communication.

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